Clarice, 21, i like pop punk.

h0peandglory is mine ♥


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Anonymous asked: Could you tell me where you got the septum ring with the jewels on from? You wear it in alot of your selfies and it looks gorgeous on you.

my boyfriend got his sister (who’s a piercer) to order it for me from industrial strength :-) you have to find a wholesaler of it you can’t just purchase one of them off the site x

Anonymous asked: How was your experience meeting Hannah Snowdon?

we had a lovely day with her :-) she’s genuinely one of the nicest and most positive people I’ve ever met and she respects her ‘fans’ so much. we talked none stop with her and she really appreciated us travelling so far to her studio, she paid for a taxi back to town for us and I’m going to her studio again with my friend on September 5th :-)