Clarice, 21, i like pop punk.

h0peandglory is mine ♥


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putting some pastel purpley-pink dye on my hair, about time I had a change from the mint green

Anonymous asked: What do you take your photos with and what do you edit with? You're beautiful x

I take all of my photos with my iphone and i use the iphone apps Afterlight and VSCOcam to edit them, thank you so much x

stxte-chxmps asked: omg, where did you get the collared fox dress?

I bought it off someone from Depop who got it from Primark ages ago

Anonymous asked: What country do u live in ? :)

England :)

Anonymous asked: Where do you buy your clothes? ((I really love your style!))

new look, primark and ASOS mostly, I’ll occasionally look on Depop too (iphone app)

Anonymous asked: How much money have you collectively spent on your tattoos? I hope this question doesn't bother you, just curios, hope you can reply!

easily over £1000 hahaha

just made my first real techniques purchase and I’m v v happy with it

I got two brushes and I’m extremely sorry to my bank account